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  • What is the recommended intake for Anlit's products?

    Generally, the recommended intake is 1-2 chewables a day. For more specific information, please review the package label or insert, or contact your local product distributor (see product label).

  • When should food supplements be taken? Before, after or during meals?

    In general, unless otherwise directed, it is recommended to take the nutritional supplements with food.

  • Can Anlit products be taken with other products, such as other vitamins, medicine etc.?

    In general, Anlit’s products are intended to complement your ordinary diet. When combining with other supplements and medication, it is best to consult a medical professional.

  • For how long can nutritional supplements be taken?

    In order to support a balanced diet, Anlit products can be taken year-round.

Special dietary requirements

  • Are Anlit products available in sugar free?

    Anlit has a wide range of products that are sugar free. Visit our product page to learn more.

  • Do Anlit products contain any allergens?

    Anlit products are gluten free and nut free and do not contain soy. Some of our Kidi Bites products do contain milk derivatives (lactose and milk protein). Please see the product pages for more information.

  • Do Anlit products contain gluten?

    Anlit products do not contain gluten.

  • How are the Anlit products colored if they have no food coloring?

    Anlit products do not contain any artificial food coloring; the colors come from natural fruits and vegetables.


  • At what age should we start taking food supplements?

    People of all ages can benefit from food supplements.
    Anlit supplements are specially developed to address potential nutritional deficiencies, with an emphasis on children’s particular needs, in kid-specific doses and the flavors they love.

  • Is it necessary to take food supplements when you eat a healthy balanced diet?

    Normally, a balanced diet should cover the body’s nutritional needs. However, due to modern day diets and lifestyles, people across the globe have been found to be lacking some important nutrients, such as vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Food supplements play an important role in addressing these deficiencies.

  • What is the "natural flora in our intestines"?

    A healthy digestive system contains more microorganisms than stars in the sky. In a healthy naturally occurring symbiotic relationship, these microorganisms need the human intestines in order to thrive, and humans need these microorganisms to stay healthy.

  • What is the significance of natural flora bacteria to the intestines?

    The natural flora covers the intestine walls and is responsible for the following functions:
    • Preventing the development of harmful bacteria
    • Helping maintain an ideal pH level so that basic minerals such as calcium and magnesium can be absorbed properly
    • Helping produce vitamin B complex components
    • Promoting movement of food through the intestines
    The immune system strongly depends on the existence of natural flora.

  • What can disrupt the intestines’ natural flora?

    A disruption of the natural balance in the intestines can be caused by:
    • Antibiotics, which attack all bacteria, good and bad
    • Certain diets, consuming too much sugar, starches, alcohol, coffee, meat, milk products, artificial sweeteners, or fried and preserved foods
    • Digestive illnesses such as diarrhea, which washes the natural flora out of the intestines

  • What are the consequences of damage to the natural flora?

    Damage to the microbiological balance in the intestines can cause the development of harmful bacteria, causing:
    • Diarrhea, in adults as well as children
    • Intestinal infections
    • Skin diseases
    • Ulcers
    • Allergies

  • How can we restore natural microbiological balance in the intestines?

    Adding friendly bacteria from an external source can restore the natural flora balance in the intestines.


  • What are Anlit's products' storage conditions?

    All Anlit products should be kept at room temperature of 15°C –25°C (59°F–77°F).


  • Do Anlit products have any side effects, such as diarrhea or rashes?

    Anlit’s products are classified food supplements, and as such, adverse effects should be very rare, if any. However, certain people have unique sensitivities; so, if any symptoms arise that are out of the ordinary, a medical professional should be consulted.

  • Does Anlit have private label options for partners?

    Anlit specializes in private label products. Anlit can provide shelf-ready packaged and designed products or products in bulk packaging.

  • Is it possible to provide Anlit with a formulation for the production of tailor-made products?

    Yes, Anlit has a professional in-house R&D team capable of addressing tailored formulations. These projects are subject to technical and commercial feasibility evaluation by Anlit.

  • What should the recommended intake for Anlit's products be?

    In general, 1-2 chewables per day are recommended. Each country has specific local regulatory requirements and recommended RDAs suitable for food supplements. These should obviously apply to all Anlit products.

  • What are the presentation and packaging options available for Anlit's products?

    Gummy products

    Packaging: bottles, bags or bulk

    Units per pack:

    • Bottle: 30, 60 or 120
    • Bag: 10 or 30
    • Bulk: 1-kg bags

    Shapes available: bears or stars

    Flavors: raspberry, orange or strawberry


    Kidi Bites

    Units per blister pack: The standard packing includes 20 units

    Blisters per box: 1, 2 or 3

    Shapes available: bears, cubes or fish

    Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, orange-chocolate, vanilla-strawberry or vanilla-orange