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How are Anlit’s products made so that kids (and grown-ups) take their supplements?

Anlit developed its delivery systems and products based on scientific research, to appeal to kids’ senses:

  • Great taste: With taste being the top factor influencing kids’ choices, Anlit’s supplements are delicious and fun to chew.
  • Visually appealing: Cheery, playful shapes, natural colors and brightly-colored packaging
  • Enticing texture: Squishy, smooth, soft texture and small, friendly size

Anlit’s 2 delivery systems, pectin gummies and chocolate-like chewables, appeal to kids and grown-ups alike. With 80% of the kids’ supplements market being chewables, Anlit delivery systems are market-ready for supplement providers, distributors and retailers. Anlit’s proprietary delivery formats can be extended to other applications. The 2-year shelf life opens up a range of merchandising options.

Soft, melt-in-your-mouth pectin supplements

Anlit gummies products use pectin, a plant-sourced gelling agent extracted from apples and citrus fruit. With an excellent taste, they have a soft, non-sticky, melty texture. Anlit’s gummies are made from natural ingredients, with no preservatives and no artificial coloring.


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Gummy Products

+ Multivitamin Plus
+ Vitamin C
+ Vitamin D
+ Calcium + Vitamin D
+ Iron
+ Sambucus Nigra

Natural Ingredients GMO Free Trans Free Gluten Free Nut Free HACCP ISO 9001:2008 GMP FSSC 22000