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Our innovation... your brand

Anlit gives you the opportunity to build or expand your brand portfolio with best-in-class supplements for children.

The company offers a variety of distinct benefits for partners and distributors.

Why Anlit?

  • Complete range of shelf-ready children’s food supplements
    • Single-source provider of packaged vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements
    • Comprehensive product families
  • It’s all about kid-friendliness Anlit products were designed to appeal to kids:
    • Great taste: With taste being the top factor influencing kids’ choices, Anlit’s supplements are delicious and fun to chew
    • Visually appealing: Cheery, playful shapes, natural colors and brightly-colored packaging
    • Enticing texture: Squishy, smooth, soft texture and small, friendly size
  • Proven strategic and private label partner
    • Anlit has a strong track record of private label partnerships with global brands, pharmaceutical companies, distributors and retailers.
  • In-house science-driven innovation
    • Expert in-house R&D team that develops best-in-class market-ready supplements
    • Targeted expertise in children’s nutritional supplement development
    • Focus groups that confirm kids’ likes and dislikes
  • International regulatory compliance
    • Certifications by food manufacturing and VMS regulators, including GMP, FSSC, HACCP, and ISO
    • Quality control to maximize potency and quality
  • Flexible tailoring to specific production, development and manufacturing requirements
    • Targeted R&D for unique formulations
    • Customized packaging and production options
  • Versatile delivery systems that kids love
    • Gummies and chocolate-like forms that can be extended to many applications
    • 2-year shelf life opens up a range of merchandising options

Partnering worldwide

Anlit products are consumed daily (and happily) by children, and probably quite a few parents, in more than 20 countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa. The company has built its reputation on science-backed innovation, quality and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Highest international standards

Anlit complies with the top global standards, and has earned the following quality certifications:

HACCP ISO 9001:2008 GMP FSSC 22000